About FEP Search Group

FEP Search Group recruits the Food & Beverage professionals you need to help your business flourish – and keep your consumers happy.

FEP Search Group is a part of the Ian Martin Group of companies, which exists to connect people in meaningful work.

The Ian Martin Group of Companies

We’re a family of multiple companies that provide specialized hiring support across a broad range of industries:

Ian Martin

We just might change what you think about business, too.

As part of the Ian Martin Group, FEP operates with a triple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit. As a Certified B Corporation, we believe in using business to benefit all stakeholders in our society and are committed to doing good for people, our communities, and the environment.


That means that by engaging with our experts to help your team deliver, or by applying to one of our jobs, you are joining us in our mission to use business as a force for good.

At Ian Martin, we embrace the future as stewards – of the careers of our candidates, the projects of our clients, the communities that surround us, and the environment we inhabit. What exactly is Stewardship? We define it as, “giving care to something you don’t own as though it were actually yours.”